• The Multi EPC simulator is a full-state machine implementation of the EPC functionality.
  • It has independent modules that implement the MME functionality (MME Sim) and the SGW/PDN GW (GW Sim), HSS and PCRF. It is capable of emulating multiple MMEs, SGWs and PDN GWs allowing for extensive testing of S1 Flex and MOCN features.
  • It offers behavior override support.
  • It offers support for traffic flow templates and basic inbuilt traffic generators.
  • The solution can be executed on standard off-shelf Linux servers with network hardware capable of supporting Gbps traffic.
Multi EPC Simulator Multi EPC Simulator System View

High Portability

  • Developed on the Sooktha SP platform – can be executed on any Linux distribution

Extensive Diagnostics

  • Message tracing on all Control Service Access Points (C-SAPs)
  • S1AP and SCTP message logging Wireshark format
  • GTP PDU logging in Wireshark format
  • Extensive Software logs – different levels and the log level is configurable at module level