• Advanced Wireless Access Solutions

    The explosion in mobile broadband data traffic coupled with flattening revenues is now one of the biggest challenges faced by network operators worldwide. The cost of deploying and maintaining the network has to be significantly reduced. Network architecture evolution is the key to addressing this challenge. Advanced LTE Small Cells, WiFi Offload, Self Organizing Networks, and Virtualization will be key ingredients of this evolution.

    Sooktha offers solutions that employ these key ingredients. The LTE Advanced Smart Base Station (SBS) software solution can be used as-is in Femto (Residential/Enterprise) and Pico Base Stations. It can be extended to accelerate Micro and Macro Base Station development. It supports different flavors of virtualization. It is also designed for use in developing innovative Test and Measurement solutions.


  • Network Architecture Choice

    A one size fits all approach will not work for next generation networks. Heterogeneous networks will be the norm. There will be several approaches to provide the necessary coverage, capacity, and application support. Indoor/Outdoor Small Cell, Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Remote Radio Head (RRH), Centralized/Cloud/Virtualized Radio Access will all have a role to play.

    We offer solutions that support all of these approaches by taking a powerful modular approach. Our solutions offer the power of choosing an approach that best fits the requirement and the existing infrastructure.


  • Multiple Market Segment Support

    Wireless networks are finding increased application in different market segments - Consumer, Enterprise, Public Safety, Public Venue, Public Hotspot, Machine-To-Machine, Automotive and Internet of Things (IoT). The traditional approach of vertically integrated and independent solutions for each of these segments will increase the cost of networks and delay the commercial deployment of such networks. A solution that maximizes the common aspects of these segments while offering the flexibility to deploy features specific to each segment is critical.

    The Sooktha SBS solution offers this flexibility. The solution is developed with a high degree of configurability and programmability to suit the unique requirements of each segment while leveraging the robustness built into the blocks common to all segments.